World's Wildest Videos: Mindgum

This is the official, experimental video for J-Biz and The Camouflaged Chameleon's first single "Mindgum", which is available on our debut EP release entitled "C.H.E.W. (Check How Everythin' Works) Up on This"

The video had been edited, produced and directed by our man L. Llewellyn James of Alphaholics Non-Anonymous Art Studios.  We'll be working with him with some other film projects in the '11, which will have everybody buggin' even more.

By the by, you can check out more of Alphaholics Non-Anonymous by going over to

The IIth Element

This is an all new track from us at CovertBizness, from our recently published EP entitled "C.H.E.W Up On This".  Give us some feedback, or somethin'...

11th Element by jbizandchamouflagechamele


Yet some additional work from our recently completed EP.  

Eaches-Ea-Double-Hockey-Sticks by jbizandchamouflagechamele

Last Chance Saloon

This track has some shit that the Chamouflaged Chameleon thinks somebody's gonna lock him up for.   We doubt it...

Last Chance Saloon by jbizandchamouflagechamele

Clark Kentin' it in Connecticut

This track is a haunting narrative, on the plights of just another professional blacksmith moonlighting as a unfuckwitable M.C....

Clark Kentin' it in Connecticut by jbizandchamouflagechamele